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2/3 of People Die Without a Will. Don’t Let California Decide How Your Assets Are Distributed!

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Using AI To Bring Down the Cost of Creating a Will

If you don’t have a will, the state of California will decide how your assets pass, how children are taken care of, and even what happens to your sentimental belongings. You can now create a will for less than the cost of a cup of coffee today! 

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Why a Will Is Important.

Asset Distribution

Without a will, the state of California decides for you. Do you really want this?


A healthcare directive makes it clear who will make decisions on your behalf.

Kids / Pets

Your kids deserve protection in case something happens. So do your pets!


If you own a business, how will things be handled, even if you become sick for a short period?

Power of Attorney

Have you designated anyone to make decisions for you, just in case you're incapacitated?

Sentimental Items

Do you really want the state of California making decisions about your sentimental items?


Decide which charities you'd like to give some of your assets to ... just in case.

Burial Wishes

If you don't make decisions about your burial wishes, who will?

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